it’s all about the reputation

Photo of the Day: Instead of packing for Egypt, William decided to be a ghetto Santa. He is the coolest little Santa I have ever seen.



Observation of the Day: Deodorant is difficult to find here and comes in a roll on bottle (ike the old bath and body works body glitter).


Word of the Day: katten (cat)

you can call me mini waiter

Photo of the Day: Today is the first Advent Sunday so William lit the first candle. The house was also decorated in true Swedish Christmas fashion with stars in the window, wooden reindeers, many santa statues, and candles as well. Now all we need is some snow.


Observation of the Day: Training meetings in Sweden (at least for large events) are an all day event with lots of breaks and few periods of actual information. Free food and drinks are always good though.


Word of the Day: fattiga barn (poor kids)

i am system bolaget

Photos of the Day: I went to Drottningholm Palace. It is where the Swedish Royal family lives and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, forests, ponds, and wildlife. It was very beautiful and I can only imagine that it is more so in the summer when everything is in full bloom.


Observations of the Day: Swedes really enjoy having seasonal pastries. Saffron buns are the christmas season cinnamon buns.


Word of the Day: mord (murder)

where did that hanger come from?

Photo of the Day: I went to the Moderna Museet (modern art museum) today. There was a Monet, Twombly, and Turner exhibit. I like Monet and Twombly but Turner not so much. There was also a really cool photo exhibit. And they had couches and tables throughout where you could sit and study photography textbooks which was kind of cool.


Observation of the Day: Bikram yoga is way more intense than it sounds. (Annie and I did a class today and I have never sweated so much in my life.)


Word of the Day: eftersvett (after sweat, after you work out and shower but continue to sweat)

why is there peanut butter on the floor?

Photo of the Day: Stockholm is starting to brighten up with the Christmas spirit.


Observation of the Day: Swedish prisons sound very comfortable. You not only get a tv but also the same quality of healthcare that every other citizen gets.


Word of the Day: vinnare (winner)


Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

I like the concept

Photo of the Day: I made my host family Thanksgiving dinner today. I made turkey, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and marshmallow bars. It all turned out pretty well and they enjoyed it.


Observations of the Day: Turkey is hard to find in Sweden… I got it out of the back room of the grocery store.

Swedes don’t like to mix sweet things into their real dishes (i.e. marshmallows on sweet potatoes).

There are no Swedish holidays in the fall/ winter time besides Christmas.

Marshmallows (especially mini ones) are very American. So are chocolate chips apparently.

Using a grocery store in a  different country with a different language is an adventure in itself.

Pots and pans here are much smaller than in the US.

Cooking with metric units is very confusing.

Word of the Day: kalcon (turkey)

sötpotatis (sweet potatoes)

i’m just going to stop breathing

Photo of the Day: I found a street market place today and I thought these charter hats were adorable. I think Pooh and Shrek are my favorites.


Observation of the Day: In Swedish clinics you register all of your relevant information into a computer before you are called in to see the nurse or doctor and they can pull it up right away which limits translation error.

There are also special clinics solely for providing vaccinations.


Word of the Day: javisst (sure, please do, yes, very good)

they stuff them full of beets

Photo of the Day: I saw Breaking Dawn at the Kista Filmstaden because it was a movie kind of day… well really all days are movie days…


Observations of the Day:

Movie tickets and concessions are sold at the same counter.

Swedish theaters offer the candy you can pick out of bins and pay for by weight.

Seats are assigned.

If a movie is in English with subtitles but then there is a portion where the language switches it is only translated into the subtitled language.

Swedish teens (at least in my theatre) like Robert Pattinson better than Taylor Lautner.


Word of the Day: skolka (skip school)


this store is for grown-ups, here are some clogs

Photo One of the Weekend: Kenzie and I stumbled upon the start of the Christmas Market in Gamla Stan on Friday afternoon. This market has lots of christmas knick knacks and food including cheese, marzipan, and santa figurines. Also this is at about 4pm and notice how dark it is…



Photo Two of the Weekend: We went to see the changing of the guards on Saturday afternoon. It was entertaining and the guards had a funny run and a side shuffle that they did periodically throughout the ceremony.



Photo Three of the Weekend: We also went and looked around Ikea of course because you have to see Ikea in its native land. There were many very scandinavian decorated rooms and many things that Kenzie and I have in our houses at home.



Photo Four of the Weekend: We also went to the Vasa Museum to see the ship the huge ship that only sailed for 20 minuted before sinking in the Stockholm harbor.



Photo Five of the Weekend: We were all about the Christmas Markets (Jul Markard) this weekend. We went to one in Kungsträdgården that was much more lively and cheerful than the one in Gamla Stan. It was complete with christmas carols, an ice rink, candied apples, ginger muffins, glögg (Swedish hot spiced wine) and fires to warm your hands.


Observations of the Weekend: Every woman we asked to take our picture immediately gave the camera to her husband/boyfriend/son instead.

There is one department store that kids can go to and get their picture taken with Santa Claus.

Swedes don’t leave out milk and cookies for Santa.

Christmas Eve is when the main celebrations take place and Santa comes to their house and brings the gifts rather than coming down the chimney.

Reindeer are food not Santa’s means of transportation.


Phrase of the Weekend: God Jul (Merry Christmas)


santa is a fruit

Photo of the Day: My room has an additional bed now in anticipation of Kenzie’s arrival. However she is about 12.5 hours delayed in getting here at this point. She will be exhausted and it has been a long day of waiting and difficult communication but I am really excited for her to come!


Observation of the Day: Swedes have no problem sharing a table with a stranger when space is limited. For example I was sitting by myself at a table for 2 waiting for Kenzie at the train station and many people came and joined me throughout my wait.


Word of the Day: försenad (delayed)