I like the concept

Photo of the Day: I made my host family Thanksgiving dinner today. I made turkey, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and marshmallow bars. It all turned out pretty well and they enjoyed it.


Observations of the Day: Turkey is hard to find in Sweden… I got it out of the back room of the grocery store.

Swedes don’t like to mix sweet things into their real dishes (i.e. marshmallows on sweet potatoes).

There are no Swedish holidays in the fall/ winter time besides Christmas.

Marshmallows (especially mini ones) are very American. So are chocolate chips apparently.

Using a grocery store in a  different country with a different language is an adventure in itself.

Pots and pans here are much smaller than in the US.

Cooking with metric units is very confusing.

Word of the Day: kalcon (turkey)

sötpotatis (sweet potatoes)