Cinque Terre… heaven on earth

Photo One: Monterosso, one of the five cities that makes up Cinque Terre, was hit hard by a flood a couple of months ago and was reinforced with lots of sandbags everywhere. It had a ghost town vibe too.


Photo Two: Manarola has the most beautiful view. I mean is this real life?


Photo Three: Sisterly love <3


Photo Four: Parents enjoying the amazing view.


Photo Five: This was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Simply gorgeous.


Photo Six: This is Manarola post sunset. Jealous yet?


Photo Seven: There was a love lock bridge on the path between Manarola and Riomaggiore.

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  1. Fab photos, looks an amazing christmas hols. Job not done yet; expecting new Year’s photos from Paris, keep snapping and posting! Happy New Year to the whole family!

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