I hate how I always look like this. one boot up. one boot down.

Photo One: We explored Gamla Stan (Old Town) and explored and took pictures. But it was very chilly and got very snowy.


Photo Two: A nice overlook of Ostermalm on our way to the Vasa Museum.


Photo Three: We were goofing around in the Diving Bell of the Vasa Museum. It is a museum about a ship that sunk in the Stockholm Harbor after sailing for only 20 minutes.


Photo Four: The Stockholm Public Library is my FAVORITE library in the world (and that is saying a lot). It is in a circular shape and is very Belle-esque.


Photo Five: The end of our Stockholm family adventure. This is our apartment in Gamla Stan.


Photo Six: This was the best nap ever. So comfortable!


Observations: I already miss Stockholm and my host family bunches. It still doesn’t feel real yet.


Disclaimer: Some of these aren’t the best but in true Smith-Dewey fashion we always have several cameras snapping and it is proving difficult to unite them all on my computer.


Word: hiss (elevator)